そして2011年二人の約束は現実となりました。 約束が果たされ誕生したレザーブランド、その名は「BENHEART」



Benheart was born from the team effort of two young Florentine entrepreneurs, both coming from Scandicci, a high fashion district renowned worldwide for its high quality artisanship in the production of leather clothing and accessories. Significantly, many among the best Italian and international Brands have their production facilities located in this district in the outskirts of Florence.

Along the years Ben and Matteo, best friends from anearly age, nurtured the dream of combining their skills into a common project; their vision became a mutual promise in a very important and peculiar moment: Ben was fighting against time to stay alive and only a heart transplant could save him.

Now this promise is reality and has a name: BENHEART. In this brand, Ben’s pulse, his creativity and inspiration become one with Matteo’s abilities in production and management. Thanks to this unique blend, the company managed to penetrate not only the domestic market, but also international ones, specially Japan, U.S.A. and China.

Ben takes care of the Style while Matteo coordinates the production; both strive to maintain very high quality standards of artisanship and guarantee the handmade uniqueness of the product, favoring quality over quantity. These are the distinctive tracts the brand prides with and which let it stand out in the leather business.

As a consequence, the commercial strategy of the Brand is to open new Benheart retail stores, with the specific intent of keeping direct contact and have a meticulous care of the Customer, by offering premium quality items, in terms of fitting and style, choice of materials and manufacture. Benheart works only with the finest selected local artisans and all raw materials, leathers and accessories, are carefully researched by the head Stylist Ben, who favors not only aesthetic qualities, but also resistance over time.

In addition to direct sale in its Retail Stores, the company creates bespoke articles and is able to personalize every item, according to customers’ requests. No wonder, the Brand has been chosen by many international artists to design special creations, to be worn during unique performances and shows.